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How to Write a Resume?

What is a resume?

A resume is a document to present your background, skills and accomplishments. It can be a promotional tool to communicate your values to the employers.


Tips for writing a resume

A resume is a key part of your job application. It provides a first impression to the employers. There are some useful tips to help you write a good resume.

  • Should present a positive picture
  • Should “sell” rather than “tell”
  • Should contain information that will interest employer


Features of an effective resume

A resume is your personal advertisement to prospective employers. A good resume can help you to gain an interview chance from the employer.


●     Correctly divided sections

     Clearly headed and systematically organized sections 


●     Easily readable and attractive layout

●     Appropriate length


●     Clear expression and accurate grammar, spelling and punctuation

●     Appropriate use of action verbs


What to Include on a resume?

A complete resume should include the following information.


Personal Information

Include your name, phone number, address, email and photo. It is optional to put your photo on your resume.



Describe your educational background and qualifications. Include the name of school, qualifications obtained (or expected), year of graduation (or expected) and major (or programme specialty). Remember to begin with the most recent or highest degree.


Working Experience

List all relevant working experience, starting with the most recent job. Include the name of organization, department (division or section), job title, job duties, achievements and projects, what you have gained from the experience. Remember to use action verbs.


Relevant Projects

List all relevant or significant study, research or work projects.


Academic and Achievements and Awards

List awards or scholarships you have obtained.


Professional Achievements

List all relevant professional achievements, qualifications obtained in professional examinations, memberships of professional organizations, etc. Begin with the most significant.


Extra-Curricular Activities or Volunteer Experience

List all relevant experience that demonstrates leadership ability. Include the name of organization, position, job duties, achievements and projects, and what you have gained from the experience.



List all the transferable, employability and technical skills that are relevant to the position.



Write ‘available upon request’ or list referees, including the title or position, contact address, phone or fax numbers. Before you decide who to ask to be your referees, ask yourself what aspects of you do they know about and what positive comments will they make?


Resume sample

Choose the resume sample best fitted for you. Follow the above resume writing tips to customize your own resume.


Sample in Chinese

Self Photos / Files - 1


Self Photos / Files - CV-2


Sample in English

Self Photos / Files - 4


Self Photos / Files - CV-4




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